• Distanced Dating with Younger Women

    Distanced Dating with Younger Women

    16. January 2021 admin

    You are tired of constant lockdowns and miss dating and meeting up with attractive women? While the options for socialising and going out are quite limited right now, there are some surprisingly fun ways to flirt and have fun. If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely give distanced dating with younger women a…

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  • Can big age gaps work?

    Can big age gaps work?

    22. December 2020 admin

    It is not uncommon for women to have a partner who is slightly older than themselves. On the one hand, men have a tendency to approach women younger than they are. Maybe unsurprisingly, they also get married to women who are on average three years younger. On the other hand, findings from various studies suggest…

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  • Top Reasons to Date Mature Men

    Top Reasons to Date Mature Men

    14. November 2020 admin

    Do you find yourself disappointed with all the relationships or casual encounters you had with younger? Maybe it’s time to reassess things. Most of us naturally look for partners that are around the same age, and there are of course good reasons for this. First and foremost, we are attracted to youth, but quite often…

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  • Dating for Benefits

    Dating for Benefits

    4. October 2020 admin

    As many of us experience a painful breakup at some point in our lives, we may come to a point where we question whether relationships work for us altogether. For this reason, more and more men discover Dating for benefits as a real alternative to serious commitments. Meeting the right woman is never the easiest…

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  • Money and dating is typically a matter of finding the right balance

    Money and Dating

    9. September 2020 admin

    These days most people thing having an age gap in a relationship is no longer a big deal. Having an older (or younger) partner tends to become less taboo as our ideas of moral and personal freedom change. Indeed, recent surveys find that both men and women have opened up to the idea of being…

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  • How to keep an old man interested

    How to keep an old man interested

    6. August 2020 admin

    Going out with a guy who is 10 or even 20 years older than you is not always an easy feat. You are in a different life stage. Quite likely you have a lot of things on your to do list that he has already ticked off. Even if you get along well on dates,…

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  • Physical attraction and romance are not all about youthfulness

    Advantages of Having an Older Boyfriend

    10. July 2020 admin

    There are pros and cons of going out with somebody in your age groups. Nobody would deny that fit young guys have sex appeal. It is quite common for younger couples to share the same circle of friends. This can be pretty nice for your social life, as you get to do a lot of…

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  • Perks of Dating Older Guys - What to Expect

    Perks of Dating Older Guys

    11. June 2020 admin

    Hanging out with young men around your age can definitely be an exhausting exercise: A lack of life experience, immature behaviour and financial restraints are just some of the complaints women have about their partners. For those of us who have high standards and want to live a more elegant lifestyle, relationships with young men…

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  • Finding a sugar baby on a free dating app

    Finding a Sugar Baby

    18. May 2020 admin

    Mature men often fantasize about going on an unforgettable date (or two!) with a stunning young lady. Thanks to online dating, finding a sugar baby is now fairly easy wherever you currently are. Young at heart, beautiful and confident, these ambitious ladies are known for being exciting companions for successful, older guys. Finding a sugar…

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  • Top 5 Rules for Dating a Young Woman

    Top 5 Rules for Dating a Young Woman

    15. April 2020 admin

    For all men who expect a bit more from their love life, we have compiled the top 5 rules for dating a young woman. You are in your 40s or 50s and want to be more successful at dates? Then this article is a great place for you to get started! The Top 5 Rules…

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