• How to handle age differences in dating when the partner is younger

    How to handle age differences in dating

    18. March 2020 lukas

    Men and women who date someone considerably younger or older for the first time often realise after a while that some things are different from what they are used to. If you have spent most of your previous relationships with somebody around your own age and suddenly go for somebody older our younger, you may…

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  • Date with a mature guy - the benefits

    Date with a mature guy

    12. February 2020 lukas

    We often wrongly assume that the chances of going on exciting dates decrease the older we get. However, this is actually not always the case. There are in fact more and more women who prefer to go in a date with a mature guy rather than somebody their age. This may be surprising to many…

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  • Does the age gap matter in a happy relationship?

    Does the Age Gap Matter?

    17. January 2020 lukas

    Relationships and even casual dating are complicated affairs. As if it was not difficult enough to find a partner who is a good match in terms of personality and sex, we still cannot completely escape pressure from society, friends and family. Especially for women who go out with an older man, this is still the…

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